August 5, 2009

Tuesday Thingers

Tuesday's Questions from Wendi's Book Corner: Have you had an opportunity to check out the new Amazon Vine program? Have you signed up? Is this program something that interests you? How do you feel about the reviews posted on Amazon in general (not counting the ones that have made the news)?
I have not checked out the Amazon Vine program or signed up, although I have heard of it and seen the icon by reviewers names on the website. Unfortunately I have a hard enough time reading and reviewing the books I already do own and that I win from LibraryThing's EarlyReviewers and elsewhere. I love to win books and it would be great to win more but additionally I am picky about what what I read and like to choose the specific books I could win.
I went to the Amazon Vine page and it indicates that it is an invitation only program...not a fan of this. EarlyReviewers seems much more fair with any permanent member able to join and "Request" to win.
I wonder at times about the Amazon reviews...I think the reviewers could be influenced. I have heard in the past about writers having their friends post positive reviews on their books, although I think this was a predecessor program to Vine. Amazon Vine members definitely provide longer reviews and I like that and I think on average the reviews are fair.

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