October 25, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

My Birthday turned out to be lovely even though my man is away for 10 days for work.  I had lunch with a friend and indulged in a burger and indulged even more afterward with a cupcake and hot chocolate from Buttercream.  The sun was shining and I was wearing my favourite boots. All-in-all a great day.

My man and I celebrated my birthday before he left and GUESS WHAT I GOT!!! Oh yes I did...the Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-600 in black and I even managed to find the swanky leather cover with light at another store in the city and these are totally on backorder and sold out online. The last one left!

What I love:
  • The touch screen. 
  • The ability to organize my books under whichever tag I choose and to make collections.
  • The leather case that I purchased extra. 
  • That I was able to add a memory card so I never have to think about running out of space.
  • The battery lasts a long time.
  • The ability to write notes and draw pictures and have these accessible in the Sony eBook Library.
  • I can highlight words and look them up in the dictionary.
  • The included stylus, which I thought I would never use.
  • The ability to turn pages using fingers or buttons.
  • The I can load pictures and audio. The audio is more important and I will probably never upload pictures.
  • That I got a US$25 coupon to the eBook Library when we bought the Reader, which I have already spent of course.
  • That you change change orientation of the reader.
  • That you can search text.
  • The back icon that takes you back to the previous menu.
  • The hidden power button so you do not accidentally hit it.
  • That Sony has finally provided software compatible with the Mac computer.
What I wish was different:
  • Not much at all. I wish the e-ink was darker or there was more contrast with the white space. I wish there was a feature where you could change contrast. But you can still change the font size.
  • The screen has a bit if glare depending on where the light source is.
  • That when you are reading the time was shown somewhere!
  • I wish you could make shortcuts.
  • The leather case light is a bit annoying. I hate glare and you have to have the light just so and the book just so so you do not see the reflection of the light. But I would rather have the light than not have it at all.
Even though the Reader is not wireless this does not bother me because I would be too tempted to buy books randomly if it was and I like to research the books I plan to purchase. When I connect my Reader to the computer the eBook Library automatically opens. You need to shut it down and then open Calibre. Note that Calibre now recognizes the Sony Touch Edition. In Calibre you need to modify your tags for each book and these tags will show up as collections in your reader. Before you can view any eBook Library books on your Reader you need to authorize your computer and your device in My Account in the eBook Store. This was not an intuitive process...and you must do this first before you can view the books on your device, even though you can move them to your memory stick.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have about the PRS-600. Ask away!

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  1. Mary D

    Happy Belated Birthday :) Nothing beats a beautiful day with a good friend (and chocolate!).

    Your man sure knows how to give a great gift, I am drooling over the Sony Reader ... that is absolutely AWESOME !!!

  2. Thanks...I love it almost as much as chocolate :)