February 1, 2010

Tweaking My Blog

Most of us I know are addicted to our Feed Readers but if you click on this post link you will see my new tailor-made background that I designed using this BgPatterns tool.  Its been fun to tweak the color and design of my blog to give it a more personalized and sophisticated look.  I did have to enter the html code though to change the background...I would advise saving a copy of your template code in a safe place before you go making any changes.  I also used Photobucket to grab the image of the background from my computer (which I has downloaded from BgPatterns once I was happy with my creation) to create a link which I could then use in the html code in replace of Blogger's background image link.  The images are small gifs or jpegs which are then applied in a repeated pattern.

I recommend creating free accounts with both BgPatterns and Photobucket. In BgPatterns if you do not create an account you can only rely on your memory of the patterns you make but if you have an account you can save your patterns to My Favorites. Photobucket has come in useful many times for hosting images and gif slideshows in various blog posts and the tweaks I have made to my blog design.

I've said goodbye to blah brown and hello to glamourous grey and green. So what do you think of the new look?

Looking for more inspiration to beautify your blog? Here is a post at Mashable about how to Build A More Beautiful Blog. Good luck and have fun tinkering!


  1. I love it, great job! Isn't it fun to create your own blog background. I stayed up all night a few weeks ago creating mine with my computer scrapbooking program :)


  2. Very classy new look! Thanks for the info on Bg Patterns.

  3. Thanks for the compliments. I would like to put a picture of antique books somewhere in my header too but I'm making changes a bit at a time.

    Muse I was admiring your blog the other week...love the greens you choose and the diamonds certainly give an extra bit of sparkle! Its neat the way you have the faded background in behind your blog column too.

    Bookshelf...Is that a pic of your bookshelf? Too cool to color coordinate your books! I noticed you have extra sparkle too :)

    Kathmeista...I'm loving your background of the old cloth-bound books...now if I can only find a similar image!

  4. Hi Nicchic! Just dropping by to tell you I love your blog and I have an award for you at mine :)