July 8, 2010

Blogger or Wordpress?

So I'm going to have some free time in about a month or so and I have these "day(s) for" planned. A day to spend watching movies, a day to spend reading, a day to get my recipes organized, a day to play PS3...and a day to update my website. So I need your input!  Blogger is what I have been using but I really want to spruce the layout up visually.  So do I stick with Blogger or move to Wordpress?  Anything I should know if I decide to move to Wordpress?  Thanks All!




  1. I'll vote Blogger, although I expect most people will say Wordpress. If you have a play around on the new design tab, you can quite easily adapt blog templates these days to be what you want. There also a load of free blogger templates that you can use. Just a matter of finding the right one!

  2. I use blogger, but they do tend to tick me off a lot! You never seem to hear about "bugs" with wordpress....I've come to think of Blogger as a PC and Wordpress as a Mac. I keep meaning to make the switch and it's only sheer laziness that's detained me so far.

  3. Thanks for your comments. Maybe its a case of some recent Blogger issues that is making me want to switch...comments seemed not to post automatically last week for one. Not going to be straightforward decision I think.