November 28, 2012

Reconnecting with My Inner Voice

When I started this blog my intention was to write about books that I had definite thoughts and opinions for, books that I was passionate about and be able to have my comments kept for posterity, secondary to that was recommendations and sharing my thoughts with others. My blog was always about giving my inner thoughts an outlet. A digital journal of sorts so these thoughts would not continuously rattle around in my head...more for my own satisfaction than reaching out to others. I guess some would say bloggers blog to establish connections with external social communities but this has never a priority for me (sorry!).

At the end of 2010 I was finding blogging more of a chore and reading became less enjoyable because I would tend to think about the comments I wanted to make on the blog while reading...or I would put the book down to note my thoughts, which detracted from the simple pleasure of absorbing the written word. At that time I also entered library school. Going to graduate school in my thirties was an amazing and fulfilling experience...but it did take time away from blogging. I tried sporadically to blog about the classes I was taking and posted an odd review once in a while.

Have you ever lost your inner voice?  I went through some devastating experiences in my personal life this spring, which crushed my inner spirit. Where once I had been able to articulate thoughts and feelings, I found myself unable to communicate verbally to even those closest to me. My inner spirit is coming back in increments and I am now trying to reconnect with those activities I once loved. So, my plan is to post reviews sporadically on books that I have enthusiasm for and definite thoughts about and we will see if my inner voice has returned for good.

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