February 16, 2009

Great way to spend the holiday today!

Thanks again to Amy at Passages to the Past for holding a contest to win a copy of Signora da Vinci by Robin Maxwell.  It came in the mail today... which is really odd actually because today is a holiday for most provinces in Canada - in Alberta its Family Day... so I would have thought no mail would have been delivered.  Great timing since I just finished Sizzle and Burn and had posted my review... and no sooner was I done than my boyfriend walked in with the mail and the book I have been eagerly awaiting to arrive.
I started the novel immediately and am already 100 pages in. It is soooo good!  I'm taking a little break to absorb what I have read so far and have a snack. What a great way to spend a holiday... drinking lots of tea and reading a good book when normally you would be at work! Watch for my review to be posted soon.
Here is Amy's review and here is her interview with Robin Maxwell - her first author interview!
Guest posts by Robin at HISTORICAL BOYS and Historical Tapestry.

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