June 24, 2009

Living Beauty by Bobbi Brown

I won a copy of Bobbi Brown’s Living Beauty from a contest by Wendi at Wendi’s Book Corner. When I read a summary of the book I realized it was targeted to women 40 and over and since I am still in my 30s I asked my wonderful Mom to read it and give us her viewpoint. Here are her comments: I was impressed by the detail Bobbi goes into to bring knowledge and insight to women over 40. It is refreshing to see the improvements that can be achieved by experience and care. I enjoyed the makeover pictures and all the information on conditions of my skin that I am experiencing but did not know there was a solution for. I have started an exfoliating regime and moisturizing face and body. I have also enjoyed the info about lipstick and gloss for older women. Another thing I knew but had not read it quite like Bobbi puts it, was diet and meditation, how they work together to inspire energy (very interesting) and you are what you think and eat. Another section that informed me was the section on midlife pregnancy, a topic never a concern in my past or future, but it opened up my eyes to what younger women are dealing with, in fact I believe having babies at an older age is the key to staying younger because good health is critical for a safe delivery. I still have the second half of the book to read. It has commentaries from individual women; I look forward to their comments. THANK YOU FOR THE KNOWLEDGE. So my Mom’s job leaves her little time to spend extra care on her appearance and health…a common story for a lot of women. She has to get up early in the morning to get ready and travel into work before 6:00 PM and returns home sometime after 2:00 PM, usually exhausted from spending all day on her feet…then into bed at 8:00 PM. Not much time left for all the little niceties she would like to indulge in. We recently spent a 3 day mother-daughter weekend together in a scenic mountain village setting and though it started our shaky (two-hour detour to plug up leaking coolant and first speeding ticket EVER) our weekend was also incredibly relaxing and enjoyable (browsing great art galleries, golfing on pristine course near river, massage from hot guy). During our weekend together I helped colour my Mom’s hair from gray blonde to golden blonde, though this required two attempts as the first looked patchy (oops), and then gave her Living Beauty to look through, hoping to jump start a fresh perspective on her own beauty. I admired how BB ‘kept it real’ with explaining a bit of her own missteps in living beauty and then providing a mantra of how she views her own beauty now. There is an abundance of before and after comparisons of makeovers of women over 40…some of them are quite dramatic and show just what a little bit of under eye concealer, highlighter and lipstick can do. The book also has sections on skin treatments, hair makeovers, menopause and nutrition. A great guide for women over 40 who want bring their health and beauty up a notch or two.
My Rating: 4.0

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