June 17, 2009

Tuesday Thingers

Today's Questions from Wendi's Book Corner: Have you explored the new Collections feature? Do you plan to use the new Collections? Are you going to add any special collections? If so, what are they? I have not explored the new collections feature but I am going to right now! Ok this is a cool tool and probably long past due since I know in GoodReads you can already assign different collections/tags this way but there are a couple features that bug me. It is hard to tell that you have assigned the book to a collection...there is a cursor that flashes a couple times and then I guess the book is then added to the collection you have chosen in the menu (menu pops up by clicking on briefcase). It would be nice to mass change books...since I have 359 books its going to take more effort and time than I would like to use to change over my books to their related collections. There is an Edit Collections choice in the main All Collections menu (drop down menu 'All Collections' top-left of your library) but there is not the funtionality to mass edit collections. They need to create check boxes by the books that you can tick off and then add to collection. Since I already have 60 books in my To read collection I think they are pulling permutations of to read or tbr from Tags. I will be using this feature but will not be rushing into changing books already added to my library...just too much work and not a valuable use of my time...hoping they add multiple book changes in the future. Doubt I will add any special collections...thinking you could add collections Music and Video and add these products to your library though.

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