June 24, 2009

Tuesday Thingers

Tuesday's Questions from Wendi's Book Corner: What areas of Library Thing do you find confusing or frustrating? The team at LT seem to be continually updating things at the site. Is there anything in particular that you would like to see updated or changed? Hmm...I think the new Collections feature is frustrating because I cannot change the collections of multiple books at once. I hope LT updates this new tool to allow this and if anyone figures out how to do it let me know please! I like the idea of Collections though...because now you can make collections of DVDs and AudioBooks, etc., which was a previous pet peeve of mine...not being able to distinguish between them. But the tab on the menu should now be changed to "Your library" instead of "Your books" to better reflect the added functionality.
I'm not fond of the AddBooks page...and then having to choose book, wait for the update and then edit book...I'd much rather search for a book and add then edit the book from the book's main page. I like to look at the tags on the book's main page before I add my own tags so the quick edit tags field is useless to me.
I'm a bit confused about Groups. I have not used Groups much yet...I have used this feature for the EarlyReviewers program and 50 Book Challenge but I'm not sure how you get updates and emails from groups or if you need to officially "join" a group in some way to get emails from group posts (as per GoodReads). Its a whole can of worms I do not want to open and time, brain power I'm not yet ready to expend.
I wish I could see my whole review when I edit a book rather than having to scroll through the box...sometimes I delete text I did not mean to...I preferred it the way it was. That's all my gripes!!! But I love the look of the site now and I always look forward to reading the State of the Thing Newsletter.

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