July 8, 2009

Tuesday Thingers

Tuesday's Questions from Wendi's Book Corner: How do you feel about social networking sites? Do you have any you like more than others? Are there any you don't like? Do you have any that you don't associate with your blogs and/or book reviewing? If you could only belong to one of these sites, which one would it be and why? Well as I have said in the past I mostly stay away from social networking sites but I do like book-related networking sites. I am on Facebook about once a week. I find Facebook a great way to stay in touch and connect me with my relatives and friends. I also use Facebook to track book groups such as Blood On The Page and HarperCollins Canada.
I have never really looked into MySpace or Twitter so I feel I cannot provide an opinion on these sites but I do have profiles for LibraryThing and GoodReads. I love love love LibraryThing for keeping track of my books, reading reviews and the EarlyReviewers program among a few features. I post reviews on GoodReads and I have a couple "friends" I chat with and authors that I follow (Lisa See, James Rollins) on this site.
I use networking sites that have book-related features. MySpace does not interest me because I already have a blog and it would be too similar. Twitter would be the least attractive site to me because when I am communicating with others I like more depth than just 140 characters! I connect my blog, GoodReads and LibraryThing together by always linking back to my blog in my reviews. I keep ChaptersIndigo Community and Facebook very separate from blog/LibraryThing/GoodReads...not sure exactly why but I suppose I like the anonymity of these sites whereas I provide a more public face on ChaptersIndigo and Facebook.
Hmm...only one site?? I guess LibraryThing. I only started keeping in touch with relatives on Facebook so it would be easy to revert back but I must have a place to talk about books and I believe LibraryThing is the most comprehensive site.

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