July 25, 2009

Living Beauty by Bobbi Brown Part Two

As I mentioned in my previous related post about Living Beauty by Bobbi Brown, I asked my Mom to provide her opinion on the book as I am not yet over 40 and the book is targeted to women this age and beyond. Here is some more commentary from her: Thank God memopause is coming out of the closet so to speak, and thank God for older women who are taking one of the natural stages of development and making it a household and non genre topic. Why shouldn't women be informed about the beauty of gaining maturity in its fullest appreciation? Bobbi Brown's book makes me feel that the fifties age bracket is a celebration and climax, not a peak and a decline. Her chapters on diet and exercise make perfect sense. beauty indeed starts from within. If I had only known all these things when I was really physically and aesthetically attractive, what power I would have had, but this is the process of over-coming your"self". Of realizing that true self is a combination of knowledge, confidense and balance. This is a book every woman over the age of thirty should have in her library as a reminder to embrace all that you can be." Thanks Mom! Related Posts: Living Beauty by Bobbi Brown Part One

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