November 23, 2008

The Book of Love by Kathleen McGowan

I am so lucky!!! I won a copy of The Book of Love by Kathleen McGowan, the second book in The Magdalene Line Trilogy. I loved the first book, The Expected One and got my friends and family to read it as well. The book is not released until March 2009 so I count myself very fortunate that I won this ARC.

I found the Simon & Schuster Canada Facebook group Simonsays Read! Bookclub only a couple weeks ago, they were having contests to win a few titles and no sooner had I entered than I got The Book of Love in the mail...I was so surprised. What a great bookclub with the books available to win!! Now I just need to finish and review Bitten by Kelly Armstrong, an ARC I won from LibraryThing's EarlyReviewer's program, so I can read The Book of Love.

Visit Kathleen McGowan's website at

If you loved The Red Tent or The Da Vinci Code or Labyrinth I guarantee you will love Kathleen McGowan's novels!


  1. aaaaah, you're so lucky!!! :))
    send me a copy... :P

  2. I wish I had another copy! My copy has been passed on now but the hardcopy is due out in a week. Enjoy!

  3. huh... i wish... but it will until it comes to my country... :(