December 10, 2008

Cold Pursuit by Carla Neggers

An American ambassador had been killed and his stepdaughter is fleeing from an unknown elusive threat in Black Falls, Vermont. Jo Harper is a Secret Service agent on leave in her home town of Black Falls for an embarrassing incident with the Vice President’s genius teenage son. The boy who Jo loved as a teenager and left her to go into the army, Elijah Cameron, has survived being shot and has also returned to Black Falls to recuperate. But something is going on in Black Falls...Elijah’s father has died on the mountain and he is determined to find out whether it was an accident…or murder. Jo and Elijah’s paths cross and they combine forces to discover the truth behind the deaths. 

While I liked the chemistry between Jo & Elijah, there were a lot of threads in Cold Pursuit, some of which I thought were unlikely or farfetched or seemed to cut off abruptly. The dialogue between characters Myrtle, Grit & Moose was often choppy and staccato. I liked that the story left an open ending indicating the start of a series. There were a few times with Jo and Elijah where the storyline duplicated itself, crossing paths numerous times in the first day they see each other, saying the same things after similar events. Anyways, I liked the characters but was not truly engaged in the story.

My Rating: 3.0

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