May 29, 2009

Celebrating Spring!

The lilac flower is my favourite flower and signals to me the real start of spring in Alberta. Although the official date of spring is March 31st, in Calgary that in no way means the end of winter as we usually have cool to freezing and unpredictable weather into late May!  Growing up there was a lilac bush right outside our front door and I always loved the smell and the multiple pretty tiny flowers...I even had my high school graduation picture taken in front of has now grown into a tree, well ok a towering bush. Finally here in Alberta spring has come after what has seemed to be a very prolonged winter.  With Calgary reaching 28 degrees Celsius today I celebrated the warm weather by wearing a white sundress to work.  Not my usual style.  So here is a pic of lilacs and coincidentally in Calgary this Saturday, May 30th there is the Lilac Festival on a 4th Street. Have a great weekend!

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