January 21, 2009

Black Sheep by Georgette Heyer

I mentioned in an earlier blog post that These Old Shades would be the next Georgette Heyer novel I would read, but I bought Black Sheep recently and it looked quite short and a lively, fun read so I plunged in wholeheartedly. As with most of Georgette Heyer Regency novels, there is witty dialogue and an abundance of humor. Black Sheep is a delightful romp of a tale, with Miss Abigail Wendover returning to her home with her sister Selina and her niece Fanny in Bath. Selina is a hypochondriac who has difficulty putting sentences together and Fanny is 17 years old, on the verge of her come-out and being pursued by a fortune hunter. Abby has returned home just in time to try to prevent Fanny from eloping with the fortune hunter, Mr. Stacy Calverleigh, determined to give him a set- down she encounter's Stacy's Uncle instead, Mr. Miles Calverleigh, recently returned to England from India…the Black Sheep of the Calverleigh's. Abby and Miles form a rapport and eventually she learns Miles is the skeleton in her family's proverbial closet. Of course, all's well that ends well with Stacy packed off, Fanny wiser and Selina, well even more clinging, but there is a happy ending for Miles and Abby, even though I thought it was much too abrupt!! I didn't want this story to end and look forward to my next Heyer novel. My Rating: 4.0 Chapters Amazon


  1. You can never go wrong with a Heyer novel that's for sure! This one will be going on the ole wishlist. Great review!

  2. I have never read a Heyer book! To the best of my knowledge, I only have one on my TBR, which I ordered from eHarlequin late last year.