January 16, 2009

Dark Fire by Elizabeth Lowell

I bought Dark Fire because its one of the last few books I have yet to collect by Elizabeth Lowell. I have loved and collected her books for years and was anticipating another good read. Unfortunately this is not what Dark Fire is and not Elizabeth Lowell’s best effort. The plot sounds like it has potential, basically Cindy Ryan’s best friend is missing in the cloud forest, so she hires the best guide available in Quito, Trace Rawlings, to help her find her friend, but it falls short of a satisfying read. There are too many metaphors, too many clich├ęs and an abundance of cringe worthy moments. That said I am glad I added another book to my collection, it is interesting as a basis of comparison for all the others novels but I wish I hadn’t paid so much. This book was not in stock with bookstores so I had to buy a used copy online. My Rating: 3.0


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