January 2, 2009

Devil's Cub by Georgette Heyer

I liked Devil’s Cub enormously. Historical fiction and romance are my favorite fiction and Devil’s Cub encompasses all that I like about both genres; high-quality historical detail, engaging characters, complex, interwoven plot, a strong no-nonsense heroine and charismatic hero and a lot of laughs. This is my first Georgette Heyer novel and I am very impressed. The story was compulsively readable and I was engrossed from the first sentence...I barely put the book down. The characters are so vivid and distinguishable from each other…the dialogue is so quick and witty…and the characters are in situations so amusing and have the most amazing adventures. Heyer had an incredible imagination and ability to translate the Regency period to the page. Highly recommended. I purchased five books, Cotillion, Friday’s Child, The Reluctant Widow, Devil’s Cub and These Old Shades. I started reading Devil’s Cub because it looked like the shortest…not realizing that it is a sort of sequel to These Old Shades. I think I will read The Reluctant Widow next and then These Old Shades…I can’t wait to see how much more wicked the Duke of Avon was than his son!! My Rating: 4.5 Chapters


  1. Hi, Nicchic! I love regency tales and I haven't heard of these before. I will definitely have to look them up!

    Hope you had a wondeful holiday :)

  2. Thx Barbara. I just read The Reluctant Widow too and posted my review. I like your blog - how you put in all the bookcovers for series books and I have been following the Pamela Clare and Sioux Splendor posts. Think I will need to pick up a Pamela Clare book!

  3. Thank you so much :) I like you r blog, too! Oh, Pamela Clare's Kenleigh/Blakewell Trilogy was wonderful! I hope you read it!