January 6, 2009

My Bookcase

I noticed a post by Barbara at Happily Forever After which showed pictures of her collections of particular authors and thought it a great idea to do as well...but I will add a slight twist by showing everyone my most favorite thing in the entire world, besides chocolate and my boyfriend of course, my bookcase!!! I ordered it custom and waited 3 months to get it...unfortunately its almost full already. The left-side shelves books that I have read and the right side are books still to be read. The top left shelf contains everything Jane Austen. Soon I will be needing to move the non-fiction books on the two bottom right shelves to another bookshelf to make room for more of my favorites. I only wish I had enough money to have bought two of these bookcases!!! Oh well, I will add another really nice bookcase somewhere in the house someday. Currently most of my author collections are stored in rubbermaid containers under the stairs. :(
I have:
Over 130 Jayne Ann Krentz - Jayne Castle - Amanda Quick - Stephanie James.
63 Betty Neels
15 Candace Camp
17 Cathy Maxwell
20 Christina Dodd (historicals)
15 Christine Feehan (Ghostwalkers, Drake Sisters, Leopard)
36 Elizabeth Lowell
14 J.D. Robb
11 Jill Barnett
17 Johanna Lindsey
20 Julia Quinn
17 Julie Garwood (historicals)
18 Kasey Michaels
29 Linda Howard
10 Lisa Kleypas
11 Samantha James
10 Tami Hoag
7 Karen Marie Moning
12 Teresa Medeiros (sans vampire stories)
I have been collecting Jayne Ann Krentz for more than 10 years, my love affair with her books starting in a used bookstore on recommendation from the owner to read Amanda Quick and Julie Garwood. I love to re-read my favorite authors between picking up new books and most always I purchase books - so I spend a lot of time browsing reviews to make sure I don't waste my money. Occasionally I need to weed out authors I don't read anymore to make more space, so I take those books to a great used bookstore chain here.


  1. It' BEAUTIFUL!!! I evny your bookcase! I wish I had more room. Sometimes, I debate about whether or not I really need my diningroom set, lol. Just teasing ;) I will be adding links to everyone's libraries to my sidebar. If you don't mind I will add the link to yours as well.


  2. I LOVE that bookcase!

    It's so fun looking at other peoples books!

  3. What a gorgeous bookcase!! I now have severe bookcase envy!
    I too had my books in plastic totes for years! When my last son moved out, I decided to fulfill a life long dream and make a whole room into a library. And I did!! Wall to wall to wall to wall shelves. But now, I've run out of room in that room and have to expand into the next room in the basement!!

  4. Barbara, Amy, Kristie (J) thanks so much for your comments. I absolutely love my bookcase and its nice to be able to share it with others. Thanks for adding to your sidebar Barbara.

    I think we always need more room no matter how many books we have!!! Krisitie (J) I am seriously jealous of your wall to wall to wall...Now I just need to negotiate with my boyfriend where the next one is going. :)