January 18, 2009

Murder Game by Christine Feehan

I have been a dedicated fan of the GhostWalker series from the very first book Shadow Game, eagerly awaiting each new release. I was disappointed with a couple of the books in the middle of the series and liked the previous book, Predatory Game, but Murder Game has to be one of my favourites. We get to meet some of the previous GhostWalkers again, as well as submerge ourselves in an awesome thriller. I wasn't able to read the book in couple sittings but had to read a couple chapters here and there, frustrating because the plot was so good and it was hard to pick it up and put it down multiple times.  Tansy Meadows is a wildlife photographer who also happens to be an elite tracker of serial killers. But she is burnt out and has retreated to the mountains for peace and to photograph a cougar for National Geographic. This is where we meet Kadan Montague, who has gone to retrieve Tansy to help him track a group of serial killers, pawns playing a murder game. That's a very short summary to summarize the whole book but essentially I liked this story so much because of the twisty plot, Tansy tracking all the serial killers. I have always been a fan of gory, thrilling stories (but I don't like horror movies, go figure) and this was a new twist, not just one killer but multiple! Of course, being the 7th book in the series some of the scenes seem repetitive of those in previous books, and being Feehan there are some graphic sex scenes but she even creates new twists for this aspect. What was new was a more romantic feel than the previous stories, blunt and crude to be sure, but Kadan is actually vulnerable and emotional in a endearing way.  Great read. Highly recommended. I am looking forward to the 8th book. I also am looking forward to Hidden Currents, book 7 of Feehan's Drake Sisters series. I don't read her Dark (Carpathian) series...not a fan of vampire romance. I also read the Leopard series (shape-shifters) but I have have mixed feelings of the next book, Burning Wild, after reading an excerpt in Murder Game. My Rating: 4.5

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